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Founding President (2017) & Founder, BioKatalyst
Board Member, BioKatalyst
Chairman & CEO, Zennova Pharma Group

Mr. Dahai Guo is successful series entrepreneur who has extensive experience in managing international pharmaceutical companies. He is the Chairman & CEO of Zennova Pharma Group, including operations of Zennova LLC in US and Zennova Pharmaceuticals (Chengdu) Inc. in China. In his successful career, he has been served as Chairman or CEO in 7 pharmaceutical companies. He was the Founder & CEO of successful companies such as PuraCap Pharmaceutical LLC. (in US), Chairman & CEO of Humanwell PuraCap Pharmaceutical (Wuhan) Ltd. (in China), CEO of Epic Pharma (in US), CEO of Puracap International LLC & CEO of Humanwell USA LLC. etc.

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