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Founder, BioKatalyst

Scientific Director/Janssen Fellow, Drug Product Development, J&J

Dr. Weiguo Dai is currently a Scientific Director in Drug Delivery, Devices and Packaging Development at Janssen, Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical Companies. He is also among the elected inaugural JANSSEN FELLOWS, the highly prestigious scientific honor awarded to internationally recognized top scientists within Janssen R&D. Dr. Dai is the recipient of several prestigious awards including 2011 Philip B. Hofmann Research Scientist Award, one of the most prestigious Johnson and Johnson Corporate Awards, in recognition of his “Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Research and Development”. Dr. Dai’s research and innovation have focused on improving both biological and small molecule drug products through design and development of novel formulations, proprietary delivery technologies and processes. His technology innovations have directly led to the launch of a current commercial delivery-enhanced product by Johnson and Johnson, and established the development projects for clinical trials. Dr. Dai has authored/co-authored over 40 peer-reviewed journal articles, and currently serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for 4 peer-reviewed drug delivery and pharmaceutical journals. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor for Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at University of the Pacific in California, USA. Dr. Dai has been a frequently invited speaker, organizer and moderator for the symposia in international conferences and workshops including AAPS, and National Biotechnology Conferences.

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